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Level 3 Stylist/ Aveda Ambassador

"When you sit in my Chair, you will feel welcomed, listened to, taken care of but also like you can have some fun!"


Shawna grew up in Shapleigh, Maine and moved to Wells after meeting her husband who grew up here. She has served in this community for over 12 years now. "My Husband and I share three beautiful Boys! 13,6,&2. We are always on the run, wether it’s to a wrestling tournament, football game, or the boys are heading off on a hunting adventure!"


Shawna's weekends are all about family time. She enjoys hanging at her parents or wherever the outdoors takes her. She loves a scenic hike or lounging on the beach. 


"I personally am a good mixture or quiet, shy, and fun! I adapt well. I am a caring person who often times puts others first. I am the first to pick up on someone having a rough day and I want to make it better. So if that means cracking an inappropriate joke, or letting you chat it out and share a tear or two I’m your girl!


Shawna specializes in color services from retouches to color transformations and everything in between. 

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