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We are so proud to announce that Heather, Brittany, and Cait have all hit major milestones in their careers at Naviina and have been promoted to the next level! Heather and Brittany have been promoted to level 3 stylists and Cait to a Level 4!

MASQUE PROMO! April 18th-30th, when you purchase the full-size Nutriplenish Deep or Light System, you will recieve the travel Deep or Light Masque that corresponds with the set! A $12.00 Value

SUMMER IS SOON ARRIVING, BOOK NOW! Now that summer is around the corner we have been booking up FAST! To ensure you get in with your favorite stylist or treatement provider we strongly encourage you to call or go online ASAP and book out until at least October. 207-251-4688

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