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Level 3 Stylist

"I specialize in blonding & fun colors! Who doesn’t love a pop of color or some brightness in their hair?!"


Hello there! I'm Brittany, and I've been crafting beautiful hairstyles since 2019.


My mission? Making my guests feel as radiant on the outside as they are on the inside. Whether it's a vibrant color transformation or a timeless perm, I pour my heart into every service.

At Naviina, I'm part of a phenomenal family that shares my dedication to our guests. When you step into our salon, you're not just a client; you're cherished, cared for, and pampered from the moment you arrive.

Outside the salon, my world revolves around my darling son, Bentley. He's my little bundle of joy, with a flair for drama that he definitely inherits from his momma! Together, we revel in the simple pleasures of life – from shopping adventures to leisurely walks, and yes, even getting our hands dirty in the garden.Bentley is truly my greatest blessing, and every moment spent with him is a treasure.


So why not come on in, meet our amazing team, and let us make you feel as special as Bentley makes me feel every single day? Can't wait to welcome you into our salon family!

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