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Owner / Level 5 Stylist

"I love color & styling, a little bit of spa. If it makes you smile and feel better & beautiful, then I'm your girl."


Hello Beautiful

Growing up in Northbridge, Massachusetts, I always knew that I wanted to get out and explore. I bought a 72 VW Bug and made my way to the West Coast . No cell phone or GPS, just a full car and a good ol' Rand McNally.

I moved to and settled in Maine from Raleigh, NC in 1995. I've been proudly serving the Wells- Ogunquit Community for 29 years!!

I have 2 wicked smart & handsome young men, 28 & 21. I've recently gained a Daughter, who is actually my favorite child. Time with my boys is the best time and makes my Mom heart the happiest.

Passionate about both hair and adventure, I find joy in exploring the world around me. From the tranquility of the ocean to the majestic mountains of Maine, I am filled with gratitude for the beauty of humans and nature. When I'm not in the salon or lovin on Lucy , the cutest 61 Kombi you ever did see Maine Photo Booth Bus Co. , you'll often find me on a spontaneous Sprinter Van camping adventure, skiing, winter & summer hiking , paddle boarding, biking , or trail running to immerse myself in the great outdoors. My love for hair and my love for exploring are intertwined, each inspiring and complementing the other, enriching both my professional and personal life.

In my chair, I want you to feel more than just safe, I want you to feel at home and relaxed. Let's laugh & sing together & forget about life's worries for a bit, while we work towards hair goals that will leave you feeling confident & super ready to conquer anything life throws your way.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. Let's goooooo!

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