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Massage Therapist

"I approach massage with a sense of sacredness, like a ceremony to help people let go of what doesn’t serve them; including pain, tension or energy blocks. My goal is to help people let go of limitations that prevent them from living their fullest lives."


Brianna grew up in Searsport, Maine with her father who is a practicing Chiropractor and now lives in Biddeford. She joined us as a therapist in December 2020. When she has down time you can find her hiking, enjoying the beach, lazy watching Netflix, or drawing and playing music

Brianna has many of different interests. She is an incredible artist, enjoys harp playing, and of course loves massage to name a few.


Bri specializes in deep tissue massage. "I'd call my signature style a hybrid of soothing relaxation and deep tissue work with energy work thrown in there as well. I chose massage because I want to help people feel better in their bodies and reach their goals. It’s been very rewarding so far!"

When clients come into her massage space, they should expect to feel comforted, safe and welcomed. They should expect to have a massage experience customized to what they need that day and what their goals are. They will leave feeling at ease in their body, relaxed and free of tension.

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